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When and when not to Paint the Exterior of a house?

Known as Mister exterior painter Madison WI, I am here to give you a few quick tips to help you consider a few things when having the exterior of your home painted.  When painting the Exterior of your house you need to be aware of the weather. If the surface temperature of the substrait that your painting is not the right temperature what results is that the paint will not dry.  This happens if it is too cold and will dry too fast when its too warm, which will result in the paint peeling too soon after you apply it. If you apply paint on exterior in the rain you will find that it will wash down the side of the wall. Painting Exterior projects can be dificult with the unpredictable weather and planning very well for your exterior painting project is a very good idea. Temperatures need to be between 36 degrees and 85 degrees in order for paint to have good adhesion and optimal bonding. Painting exterior at night can also be a problem with mildew creating moisture and paint dripping off its surfaces.   Therefore, painting at night is also not a very good idea. These are the small points of expertise that are routine knowledge and practice that you can expect from a professional exterior painter Madison WI.  We know these “little” things  here at Super Painters.

Hope you have found this page to be educational.  If you have any questions or are looking to start right away, please give the Super Painters a call today (608)217-4630.  If you need  any more information on your exterior painting project in Madison WI and the Dane county area, don’t wait, pick up and call right now, (608)217-4630, we are here and happy to assist you.

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