Preparation Before Painting Work

Super Painters LLC Preparation Before Painting Work.

There are many important things to remember before painting your house. The most important thing to remember before you begin painting your house or business is the preparation. The preparation before painting work begins is crucial to the overall success of the painting job.


Preparation Before Painting Work

Scraping and cleaning the surfaces that you are about to paint is by far the most important thing you can do before you start applying paint. Paint only bonds well to clean surfaces. It is very important that the surface area you are painting is not dirty or peeling away. The paint you apply will not adhere to the surface well and will begin to peel away over time.

Lightly sanding the surface is a good way to create an ideal surface for your paint to adhere to. Glossy surfaces especially need proper sanding because the paint you are applying has a difficult time sticking to the slick, glossy surface area. Roughing the glossy surface area you are painting with some sand paper will go a long way in creating the adhesion needed for a quality covering.

Imperfections in the walls must be addressed properly as well before any paint is applied. Simply put, the way a wall looks before the paint is applied is the way it will look after the paint is applied. Deep scratches in drywall, uneven sanding and nails or screws sticking out will cause the paint to spread unevenly and possibly make the surface dry uneven which can give the paint a discolored look compared to other areas.

I hope this blog post about the importance of the preparation before painting work begins has been useful for you to read. I am looking forward to blogging about more useful topics involving our painting company in Madison.

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